Training to help your church use software and gear like a pro.

I train teams to use the best worship resources available so they have the confidence they need to use software and gear like a pro.

Woman frustrated looking for worship resources

Do You Have A Hard Time…

  • Finding the Worship Resources you need to do your job well?
  • Learning how to make ProPresenter work?
  • Understanding all the features of Planning Center?
  • Providing Training for your volunteer teams?
  • Not being overwhelmed with gear and software?

Get the training you need to do your job like a pro.

Get Training

Give your volunteers and staff the training they need to use the gear and software you have the way it was meant to be used. No more wishing you understood how everything works.

Get Clarity

Clarity helps everyone perform at their best. You deserve to have the clarity you’ve been longing for. Learn how to use your software and gear efficiently and effectively.

Get Confidence

I can help you get the confidence you need to do your job well, without fear of pressing the wrong button or messing something up.

Joshua Riggs

Hey! I’m Joshua and I’m here to serve.

I get it – software and gear can be frustrating.

I have been in your shoes. I have been asked to do a project only to quickly realize I was in over my head. It can be overwhelming to try to get everything to work for your church – I get it!

I’m a Worship Pastor and have spent the last 20 years learning how to use the best worship resources and tools to help churches #GetBetter.

Now, I have a clear understanding of these tools and know how to use them effectively each week.

I would love to help your church staff and volunteers get the training they need so they can use software and gear like a pro.

Schedule a free call with me today to get started.

Services That I Offer

ProPresenter Training

ProPresenter Training

Help your staff and volunteers learn how to use ProPresenter to effectively show lyrics, videos and annoucements each week.

Planning Center Training

Planning Center Training

Learn how to use Planning Center to manage every aspect of your church.

Audio Visual Support

Audio Visual Support

Consulting and training on your sound system, live stream, cameras, lighting and more.

Church Websites

Church Websites

Get a website for your church that gets people through the front door.

Branding & Marketing

Branding & Marketing

You should be proud of your brand and it should work for you to reach more people.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Show up on the first page of Google so that you get more traffic and reach more people.

Worship Resources

Worship Resources For Churches

Explore the best Worship Resources your church can start using today.

Here’s How It Works

1. Schedule A Call

Schedule your free 30-minute consultation with me using this link. You can choose the time that is best for you and there’s no obligation. I will answer your questions and provide as much value as I can.

Create A Plan Worship Resources church

2. Create A Plan Together

During the call I will listen to your needs and seek to understand the biggest struggles you are facing. Then we will create a customized training plan to give your team clarity and confidence.

Team looking for Worship Resources on computer

3. Become A Pro

After you purchase training hours you will be able to schedule your training for a time that works for you. Then sit back and watch your team get the clarity and confidence they’ve been looking for so they can use software and gear like a pro.

Team discovering Worship Resources together

Are you ready to become a pro?

At Worship Resources we know your staff and volunteers want to become professionals with the software and gear you use each week. In order to become a pro, you need training that will give you clarity and confidence.

The problem is you just don’t have the knowledge to train your team which makes you feel frustrated and maybe even helpless at times.

We believe every volunteer and staff member should have the training they need to use software and gear the right way. We understand it can overwhelming not knowing where to start or who to call. That’s why we help churches just like yours learn how to use software and gear like pros.

Here’s how it works:
1. Schedule a call.
2. We’ll create a customized training plan for your team.
3. Watch your team become pros at what they do!

Schedule a call today, so you and your team can stop being frustrated and start using your software and gear like a pro.

Worship Resources & Training
your entire team will understand.

I’ve served small churches, large churches and multi-site churches. Here are a few of them.

Adventist Fellowship Logo

Adventist Fellowship

Purpose Church Logo - Planning Center Training

Purpose Church

Harvest Tabernacle Logo - Planning Center Training

Harvest Tabernacle

C3 Church Invercargill - Planning Center Training

C3 Church

Rejoice Church Logo

Rejoice Church

Bethel Church Logo - Partner

Bethel Church

Plans and Pricing

Purchase the hours you need for training. Your hours never expire and you’ll have access to all the recordings to use in the future.

Looking for in-person training? I do that too! Schedule a call to get a custom quote.

Still have questions?

Is the training expensive?

Though this is an investment up front, your team will finally receive the training they’ve been needing (and wanting) so they can do their jobs with confidence each week. Training can be purchased by the hour. CLICK HERE for current pricing.

What if I’m not satisfied?

We have a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied or feel the training you received was not helpful after the first session, just send me an email and I’ll refund your entire purchase.

Will this training be difficult for our team to understand?

I will guide your team through a customized training plan that everyone can understand. I don’t use complicated terms or acronyms that are hard to remember. I will break down each element and process into everyday language that will give your team the clarity and confidence they need to use the tools you have like a pro.

Can I trust some random guy on the internet?

Haha – I feel you on this one. I always check out who I will be working with too! So here’s a little more about me.

I am married to Allison, we have 5 children. I’ve been serving in worship and media ministry for 20+ years. We live in Tulsa, OK. I am also the creator of I train teams to use the software and gear they have like a pro so they have the clarity and confidence they need to serve their church well.

If you’d like for me to help train you or your team, you can go to to purchase hours. After the purchase you will receive a private link where you can schedule your training sessions.

My motto at is “Here to serve” – and that really is my heart. I want to use the resources and knowledge the Lord has blessed me with to serve you in whatever way I can.

Please don’t hesitate to schedule a call if you have any questions or if I can serve you in the future.

Our software / gear is complex can you really help?

After 20+ years of working in and serving churches I have had the opportunity to work on / in all types of gear and software.

When it comes to software I specialize in Planning Center and ProPresenter. I also have experience in dozens of other resources churches most often use.

For gear, I provide training and support for sound, lighting, cameras, livestream, videos and more. I’ve never worked with pyrotechnics but if you really want to do it, we can figure it out together!

Schedule a call with me and if after we chat, I feel like I am not able to offer the support or training you need, I will refer you to someone else who can assist.

What Our Customers Are Saying

My volunteers really enjoyed the training and we learned a lot! Really appreciate your service and mission.

Amber Rhodes

Christ Presbyterian Koinonia

Joshua, this was a great help. We so appreciated your pastoral and technical care. It was a tremendous help for our team. Thanks!

Joseph Dewey

Church of the Incarnation

I really appreciated the thoroughness with which Joshua went through ProPresenter. He really set up our team to succeed.

Devan Sexton

Rejoice Church

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New Planning Center Course coming soon! Sign up to be notified when the course launches.