Church Videos

Use these church videos (aka Mini Movies) to enhance your worship services. These videos can be used as sermon illustrations, calls to worship, announcements and more.

Free Church Videos (Mini-Movies)

CVGlobal is a non-profit with a huge vision to touch 1 Billion people with the gospel of Jesus. They provide outstanding videos to use in church services, outreach events or on social media. These videos clearly explain the gospel and encourage people to take steps of faith toward Jesus. Sign up for a free account, download and use any of these videos – no strings attached.

Dei Dox Films creates documentaries from a Christian perspective. They have films about disaster relief, loving your neighbor, unplanned pregnancies and more. Their short films are free for churches to download and use.

The mission of is to share the gospel using the most effective means possible. They focus on telling stories of life change through video. Their heart for missions is evident. And the films they produce are some of the best we’ve seen. All of their films are free to download to use in churches or ministries.

Bible Project is a tremendous resource to help people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus. They have over 100 explainer videos that are all free to use in churches and ministries. These videos would be great for kids ministry, camps, sermon illustrations, small group studies and anywhere you need the Bible explained in a consice and clear way.

Does your church struggle with tech?

Most churches have a hard time using tech the right way. I train teams to use the best resources available so they have the clarity and confidence they need to serve their church well.