Church Management Software

Keeping your church organized is important for growth and longevity. These companies provide church management software to help you reach more people and keep your church connected.

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Church Base is an All-In-One Church Management software solution. It includes a digital giving suite (included), a church app, a website builder, a sermon engine and a church management system – ChMS. There are no subscriptions, just a one-time setup fee. This is a great solution for churches on a tight budget.

A leading church management system, Church Community Builder is a suite of apps designed to engage every person who interacts with your church. With CCB you can plan services, check-in kids, manage your groups and more. Pricing is based on weekly attendance and there are three pricing tears depending on which apps you need. The Standard Package is: 100+ = $120/month | 250+ = $170/month | 500+ = $270/month. Screenshot is an all-in-one CMS (Church Management System). Eliminate the need for multiple apps or companies because they have everything you need to manage your church; plan services, accounting, schedule volunteers, check in kids, create budgets and more. People screen and core features are free to start. Add giving, check-ins and sign-ups for $9/month. Add worship planning, scheduling and accounting for $24/month.

Google has amazing tools that are free for everyone to use. Google Suite is a collection of apps that can be used for data management, word processing, scheduling, calendars and more. These apps are web-based so there’s no need to download any software and they work anywhere you have internet access. The colaboration tools (and the fact that they are free!) make G Suite a great option when choosing software to manage your church.

Simply put, you should seriously consider using Planning Center apps in your church. Their suite of apps will help you get better at managing nearly every aspect of your church. They help you plan services, schedule volunteers, check-in kids, register people for events, manage groups, organize your facilities and so much more. Pricing is based on the number of users you have for each app and you only pay for the apps you need. The People App is 100% free no matter how large your church is. Screenshot

VesselWorship is a simple and clean app that helps you plan worship services and communicate with your team. It works on iOS and desktop and the intuitive features will help you get up and running in no time. If you have less than 15 team members, you can use the basic app for free! Upgrade to premium for $15/month or $150/year. Vessel is created by Raymond Gregory subscribe to him on YouTube for resources and devotional encouragement.

WorshipPlanning is a cloud-based software that makes it easy to plan your services and communicate with your team. Pricing is based on how many people are planning your services. 1 Planner = $15/month (this option will be great for most churches) | 5 Planners = $25/month | 10 Planners = $50/month | Unlimited Planners = $100/month. Save yourself a lot of headache and use a tool that was designed specifically to help leaders plan worship services.

Presentation Software

EasyWorship 7 is a simple worship presentation software. It allows you to easily display lyrics, videos, scriptures and graphics on your screens. Purchase the basic subscription for $15/month or add Media with the Premium subscription for $23.33/month (both billed yearly) EasyWorship only works on Windows/PC.


The definitive leader when it comes to worship presentation software is Propresenter 7 by Renewed Vision. If you can think of it, Propresenter can do it. This stable software works on MAC and PC and has dozens of features that will make your lyrics and graphics look great for every service. Pricing is simple, $399/one computer or $999/20 computers (perfect for churches!)

WorshipTools (formerly WorshipExtreme) is a presentation software specifically designed for churches. It’s a simple interface that anyone can control. It works on MAC and PC and the base version is 100% free! Smaller churches will find this software helpful. Upgrade to the Pro Version ($15/month or $162/year) or the Pro Plus Version ($25/month or $255/year) to unlock all the features WorshipTools has to offer.

TechSoup functions as a middle man between non-profits and software companies to provide software for a fraction of the retail cost. Churches with a 501c3 status can request software from Microsoft, Adobe, Inutit (Quick Books), Symantec and others. This is totaly legit. Example: Get the entire Microsoft Office suite for $36. That’s not monthly, that’s the total cost.

Does your church struggle with tech?

Most churches have a hard time using tech the right way. I train teams to use the best resources available so they have the clarity and confidence they need to serve their church well.