Church Stock Photos

With over 20 free stock photos to choose from, you should be able to find the pic you’re looking for from these sites. There’s also a few sites where you can purchase specific church stock photos. Happy downloading.

Free Stock Photos

Download high resolution photos for free! Use the search bar or categories to narrow down your selection.

Sponsored by Church Motion Graphics, this site has thousands of still backgrounds and design elements you can use for announcements, sermon series, posters and just about any project you have. They help resource the church by giving away these resources for free. has photos for sale, but they also have a large selection of free and public domain pictures. Create a free account and start downloading today! has beautiful stock photos you can use in your design projects. They also have a free photo editor to add text or filters to your own photos. Subscribe and receive their new free photos to your inbox. has backgrounds, textures and stock photos all available for free. Search by category to narrow your search results.

Thousands of artists upload their original photos to and you can download them for free. They also have a large selection of free stock videos you can use.

Browsing through 1 million photos can seem daunting, but Pikwizard’s search bar and categories will help you quickly browse for the image you need. Many photos are free, but some premium images cost money. They also have free videos to download. is one of our favorite free photo sites because they have so many options and all their pictures are high quality. As always, use the search bar to find what you need. They have free videos too!

If you need an old photo,’s public domain library is the best we’ve seen. They have thousands of pictures, but they also have old audio files and footage that’s free to download and use.

These are not your average stock photos. They are unique, creative and fun. Download one of their curated packs to save time. These stock pics are free. was created specifically for churches. You can browse this site without accidentally running across anything inappropriate. Their library is not as large as other free photo sites, but these images are quality and free! has beautiful free photos of nature, buildings, animals and objects. Subscribe to their email list and get the best photos delivered to your inbox. is probably the most popular free stock photo site on the web. And there’s a reason for that. They have thousands of contributors and every single photo is free to use for your projects. Create a free account to start downloading today. all starts with a search and then your options are revealed. Use their unique color filter to narrow your images based on the main color you need. Most of these pictures are free to use, but be sure to the check the license for each photo. Some require attribution.

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