Extended Support Coaching: 20+ Hours


$65/Hour | 20+ hours of Zoom coaching with Joshua.

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20+ hours of Zoom coaching with Joshua.

This Zoom training will give you focused coaching in any of the following areas:

  • Websites
  • Planning Center
  • Propresenter
  • Live Streaming
  • Sound Training
  • YouTube / Google / Social Media

This plan includes email follow up support after the first call and for 30 days after the last coaching call.
For instance if you book 25 hours, you can email me support questions after purchasing and for 30 days after the last coaching call at no additional cost.

You must book at least 20 hours at a time. The longest a Zoom call will be is two hours.
So if you book 20 hours, we will set up 10, two-hour calls or 20, one-hour calls, or a combination of those options.

Note: The Extended Support option might be good if you are wanting / needing support over a long period of time because the purchased hours don’t have an expiration date.

Here are a few other specifics:

  • All sessions will be recorded and you can watch them as many times as you need.
  • Anyone on your team can join in on any or all of the Zoom calls.
  • You can book the hours now and use them anytime in the future. There is no expiration date!


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