In the last post we looked at one important word we should consider when planning worship services.

Today, we’ll look at the first three (of six) ways we should focus in order to help Create Seamless Worship Services.

Each of these ideas hinge on excellence.


While God doesn’t need us to accomplish His will,
He does WANT to use us.
Therefore, we should give Him our best in everything we do.


If you want to have FLOW in your worship services, you need to strive for excellence in several key areas.

1. Make It Better.

What is “it”? Whatever needs improvement. It might be your Sound System, Praise Team, Band, Lighting, Stage Set. Anything that needs improvement you should look for ways to make it better. But excellence is more than just fixing problems. Everything can be improved. So constantly ask, “How can we make every area of worship better?” There’s always room for improvement.

Two things must be done if you’re going to make it better.


Evaluate what you are doing right now – the good and the bad. Honestly ask yourself, “What are some things we need to improve?” Get feedback from people you trust. Ask first time guests to fill out a survey of their experience. Ask your volunteers what they think is working and what’s broken. Warning: these things won’t be easy to hear, but if you want to get better you have to honestly evaluate every area of your worship.


After you evaluate each area, clearly define what needs improvement and the steps that should be taken to get better. Give attention to every detail. The key to orchestrating is communicating clearly what the process is for each area. Make sure everyone on your team knows what you expect and how they can excel in their responsibilities.

2. Excellence In The Ordinary.

Everyone responsible for planning worship has “ordinary” things that have to be done each week; making copies, cleaning the stage, emailing schedules, communicating changes, lyrics for the screens. These every week occurrences, although ordinary, are necessary when planning a quality worship service, and they shouldn’t be considered unimportant. If you will spend the time to make these ordinary tasks EXCELLENT, you will see a noticeable shift in the FLOW of your worship. Go above and beyond. Exceed people’s expectations. Handle your equipment with care. Keep your stage clean and organized. Use proper grammar in your communications.

Consistent excellence in the ordinary will prepare you to excel when the extraordinary presents itself.

3. Attention To Detail

Some people are very detail oriented. Others are not. If you plan worship and are not detail oriented, I encourage you to find someone who is, and ask them to be your eyes. Ask them to point out details that need attention.

Details are often time consuming but they matter. The temperature of the room, rehearsal time, music printed in the correct key, dress code  – these are details that if overlooked will make it difficult to create a seamless worship experience.

God deserves our best, especially when it comes to planning worship.

What are some ways you can make it better?
What ordinary things do you need to excel in?
What details are you overlooking?

Next time we’ll look at three more areas we should focus on to help Create Seamless Worship Services.