Shortcuts Will Save You Time!

Planning Center Services is the best way to plan worship services, schedule volunteers and communicate with your teams. In order to get the most out of the app, learn how to use shortcuts!

Using shortcuts in Planning Center will help you save time while you add songs to your set list, schedule volunteers, send out emails and so much more.

Watch the video below to learn how to access all the shortcuts and start saving time today!

Download a list of all the Planning Center Shortcuts HERE.


If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to improve your craft, if you wanna be a better worship leader, you have to evaluate. And you have to be willing to try new things.

In this video, I’m gonna show you the fastest way to move throughout Planning Center Services. This is a tip that most people, I don’t think are using, but you should be using it, it’s gonna take a little bit to learn it, but once you get it, it will save you so much time in the long run.

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Planning Center Services is an incredible tool that will help you plan services, schedule volunteers and communicate with your teams.

If you’re not using Planning Center, I encourage you to follow the link in the description and sign up for Planning Center today.

Okay, here we go. You probably know there are multiple tabs in Planning Center. You’ve got the schedule, my schedule tab. This will show you your calendar and your upcoming things that you’re scheduled for.

You can also block out dates, look at your messages or email your leader.

The Plans tab, it’s gonna have all of your upcoming plans.

The songs tab, has your entire song library. Media tab has media. And then people are all the people in your system.

And so here’s the tip – and I encourage you – it’s gonna take a little bit of time. But if you make yourself do this, I promise you will save so much time in the future, and that is… Use keyboard shortcuts.

If you’re not a keyboard guy or gal, I wanna encourage you just to force yourself to learn how to use keyboard shortcuts. You will save so much time in the long run and Planning Center has some great keyboard shortcuts built right into the app.

So I’m gonna go back to plans and I’m gonna click… or actually, I’m gonna go to songs.

The keyboard shortcuts are really simple to find, and all you have to do is just click shift and the question mark. And that will pull up all of the keyboard shortcuts that you can use on the page.

So this says when hovering over a song or arrangement, the following shortcuts can be used. So you can use Archive, A, or delete, which is the key of X.

These are general shortcuts that you can use at any time.

Okay, so let’s see if this actually works. So if I hover over this and press A, it says – wait a minute, are you sure you wanna hide A Might Fortress from the song list? Do I wanna archive it? No, I don’t wanna archive it. But that’s all I did, hover over it and press, A.

Okay, and then, okay, so what I would do is just, do them one at a time. Practice using the shortcuts so you get used to using them.

So… Okay, the next one is delete, so I’m gonna come over here and I’m gonna press X and wait a minute, are you sure you wanna delete A Strange Way To Save The World and all its files… This cannot be recovered. Yes. delete forever or cancel, I’m gonna cancel.

Don’t delete all the files.

Okay, so let’s go to the Plans tab and look at an upcoming plan.

Okay, I’m gonna find the short cuts – Shift question mark, and look at all the shortcuts that can be used in this… on this page.

And I can do the song book, make a PDF of the song book, I can send an email with E, That’s awesome.

Add a file with the letter F, add a header with a letter H, add an item with a letter I.

Open services live with the letter L, add media, M, needed positions N. Ooh, that one’s awesome.

Alright, let’s try it. So I’m gonna close this and I’m gonna just type N and let’s see what pops up.

So I’m gonna click on teams and look here, N – here are all the needed positions.

So I can add needed positions to my teams, and then if I click N again, they go away.

So I actually have one needed position here, but if I click N, then all of the needed, so I can add needed positions, which is so helpful if you know that you need three more people singing, for instance, or two more people playing acoustic guitar.

Okay, so I’m gonna press N again and hide that. And I’m gonna look at the shortcuts again, question mark.

So add a song, so that one’s pretty sweet. Just press S on the keyboard and you can add a song – it pulls up your library. Same thing for M, for media, if you wanna add media to your list.

I’m gonna look again. Let’s see – add a time. Let’s see what that one does, So close, T for time. Oh, this is sweet. You can add a new service time or a rehearsal time or other time just by clicking the T, and you can create it in future plans. That’s really nice.

Okay, so I hope you get the idea. If you use shortcuts, you will get so much faster in scheduling and planning, adding songs, adding media. You’re gonna save yourself a lot of time. So learn the keyboard shortcuts.

And the way to figure out what keyword shortcuts are available is just click shift + ? , shift + ? . Then that will pop up all the keyboard shortcuts.

Here’s a hint, I’ve listed all the keyboard shortcuts in the description below this video. So if you just wanna grab them from the description, you can do that as well.

The keyboard shortcuts will save you so much time, so I encourage you to consider using those starting now.

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God bless guys!